Chef Recipes

  • Basic Cooking Techniques

    Cooking fresh seafood can be intimidating. In practice it is very simple and easy as long as you use time proven methods.  The greatest chefs simply use great products combined with simple cooking methods and let the superior product speak for itself.  You can then add personal touches and embellishments, such as sauces and garnishes, but the cooking technique remains the same, simple.
  • Ahi Tuna Carpaccio

    Simple and delicious recipe that is perfect for a brunch buffet or a starter for a multiple course dinner.
  • Salmon Tartare Mediterranean

    Rich buttery salmon complimented with tart lemon zest, briny capers, and subtle thyme, combines to make a delicious appetizer or starter course.

Simple & Delicious

Our flavorful recipes are easy to make and pair with our seafood selection. Explore new dished everyone will love to try.

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